My original english poems


Tom de Toys, 15.12.2008


how peaceful how white
this winter awakes
in soft morning light
no real horizon found
where silence turns
to unexpected sound
no heaven no ground
just golden snow
to show you
the middle of now


Tom de Toys, 8.5.2009

present poWEr poINt of vision
(autOMatic atOMizer)

people pretend
to Be positive
to enable you sOMehow
embracing their so-called
enlightened emptiness
that develops
into a special hell
instead of the big hole
where we meet
our mutual spirit
by passing through
nuclear-free love
as soul sisters
oh yes it is seldOM
i kNOW it but
well i believe in this
This without any belief


De Toys, 23.1.2009

(BE-ing NOWhere)

no sun no moon no galaxy
no thoughts of nothing and
no nothing no illusions and
no truth no question but
no need for answers
is the answer just
awake aware arrived
where this is
called the only THIS
AND THAT is sure
like nothing more than THIS
AND THAT turns mad
if you can't love it
like the laughter
of your lover
of your laughter
til the end of time
within this mOMent
that is touching
as you know it
now from inside
where the emptiness
turns outside
showing this is
no side never

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